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Welcome to River Bliss, and thanks so much for stopping by! I put my heart and soul into producing narrative and visual content for this site and spiritually inspired products for my shop, and I do it because I believe that sharing our stories and the best in us enriches one another and makes the world a better place than it would be if we kept all the good stuff to ourselves. So I am honored and delighted that you took a few moments out of your presumably busy day to stop by.

No matter what is going on in your life or in the world, don’t let it compromise your inner peace! You have a choice! There is a tranquil oasis within you waiting for you to return. I invite you to visit River Bliss often and to subscribe (for free) to my mailing list, to receive love letters from this peaceful place where the outer landscape reflects and inspires the inner, and nature is a faithful teacher and guide. A place of stillness and hope, where ordinary moments become extraordinary and illuminated through the alchemy of awareness. I want to offer you a breathing space where you can rise above it all and float with me for a few, restorative moments on a river of gratitude and awe and emerge with a more spacious, balanced perspective – and some practical inspiration and useful tips, too!

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that my life is all flowers and rainbows! Those who know me well often comment that they are amazed by how I can be so positive in spite of everything life has served up in recent years, including the deaths of both my parents and lots of family stuff that’s actually pretty big. I wish I could bottle the way I feel when I’m on the river and how intuition, inspiration, and ideas seem to drift through the air when I’m there. I do my best to share what I find and experience on the river (and elsewhere in nature) because if it can help me, maybe you will find it useful or inspiring, too!

So meet me here on the river, and let’s engage the magic!

By the way, I love to hear from my readers and encourage you to leave comments! I’d publish blog posts even if nobody read them, but it’s always motivating to hear that people do! So please don’t be shy about reaching out and letting me know you’re out there and interacting with my work! 🙂

Recent Reflections

Diversity, Tolerance, and Snowflakes

Diversity, Tolerance, and Snowflakes

At some points in the school year, learning themes sync up so perfectly that the rich threads connecting them simply beg to be elucidated. This is the case right now as our study of snow overlaps with our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. unit. Diversity and tolerance are...

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Naturalist Art and Energetic Connection

"I am a conduit giving shape in stone to the visions and dreams that assist us to remember our greater purpose and connection to the whole."  -Andreas Kunert The images and masterpieces produced by the natural world on its own can be astounding. When human...

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